Chris Bathgate: midwestern warbler

Several thoughts were in jeopardy that evening, as the rain poured down and I thought of ending my meager attempt at career, high fashion, and general upkeep. I was remiss to see the benefit of it all. To strive was so exhausting at the moment and it was leading me into dark alleyways to scream in peace, as if one screams in an alleyway in Chicago it’s likely to fall upon deaf ears, I could emerge revived and unscathed.

The sounds of sustainable music flowed so freely from my portable writing contraption soon after. The streaming noise I happened upon this evening was that of Chris Bathgate. He’s a gentle and calming force with a meaningful set of lyrics and a quivering vocal hue. His anthems ring genuine, genuine as I imagine a musician could be. It sounds as though he takes an awful lot of pride piecing each separate song together. An obvious disposition perhaps but in this day and age, when everyone is a singer songwriter, that quality can be lost in a sea of pomp and circumstance.

Bathgate is a somewhat phenomenal anomaly who began his musical journey as a member of a heavy metal band. Metal, a genre so aggressively emotional, seems a peculiar beginning for a songwriter who became so completely raw. He incorporates only simple and striped down accompaniment to his vocal arrangement as not to hide the message he seeks to deliver.

He resides in Michigan and carries a certain Midwest charm. He’s got pride in the area that fleshed out his career. He’s made a name for himself not only within a thriving Detroit area music scene but nationwide, and that’s no small feat.

Chris Bathgate, in your solemn anthem you’ve stole those ill feelings from my gut. In listening to even your saddest lyrics of despair, the insight you’ve lent me is leading me forward at present. I’ve decided that upkeep isn’t the devil’s handy work and that fashion, it’s a necessary evil and… that career I almost let slip off the curbside, I think I’ll go on and reclaim it now.

Lullabies are nifty and now my eyes need some rest.

Chris Bathgate will be performing at Uncommon Ground-Devon tonight at 8:00PM. Cover $7.00,  Unbridled enjoyment,  free. Check out his merch table or purchase his wares, to include the latest album, Salt Year, online.

-Holly Jones, Editor, On Tour Magazine


  1. Kayla wrote:

    Whoa, Chris Bathgate is awesome! Thanks for turning me on! Too bad I missed the show last night. Bummerrr.

    • holly313j wrote:

      Kayla! Thanks kindly for reading. Glad you’ve stumbled upon Chris Bathgate. Phenominal. I’m sure he’ll be back round Chicago way soon enough. We’ll keep you posted!