Scattered Trees: A telling romp through Chicago

Grief is an unusual bedfellow. It often manifests as a tear, a manic bought of heroin use or a sullen romp into the arms of an ex-lover. Nate Eiesland of Scattered Trees composes said feeling into brutally honest lyric, however. This lyric lends a familiarity… yet is wholly different from any form of grief I’ve encountered.

Approachable despair and organic sentiment coalesce and produce clever elements of distracted style. Lovelorn and affected, it seems his life grasps …heart on sleeve doesn’t suit this music. Perhaps heartache on lapel would better serve it?

Bludgeoned sense of what has become important is at the forefront. The petty nature of certain conversation falls short when dealing with an agonizing event. The state of affairs and the shoes that adorn the latest catalog have nothing to do in a mind’s eye that revels in clarity.

Conviction, it’s not so much expansive as it is necessary, to sequester a feeling, work through that emotion then spit it out.

Soothing and earnest thoughts lead these intensely personal lyrics to wistful execution. Seems that working feverishly through the past allows for a project that culminates of a devastating tale, a tale that’s oblivious to how others may perceive it, a self serving foray that takes care not to become contrived. Unnerving and hopeful all at once, his portrayal of such human ordeal.

Scattered Trees grace Lincoln Hall on November 25th. Comment on this post for a chance to win two tickets to the show.

-Holly Jones, Editor, On Tour Magazine

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Great article! All true. I heard this band a few years ago and love them. It is quite clear that they put a lot of emotion into their lyrics, which makes them such a great listen.