The Broken Record Chicago: volume four

A holiday weekend has come and gone. You’re left lonesome and vulnerable. It’s best you take a look at the shows around town in the days to come and curb your melancholy affliction of the soul. Shows in bold denote those I recommend and a list of venues follows in case you need more information. Links for bands will be added the eve before the show date so you can discover their sound before attending their set.


Robbie Fulks with Jon Langford @ The Hideout. 7PM, $10.00.

Warm Ones, Scouts, Emblems @ Schubas. 7PM, $6.00.

Brother John hosts The Jam @ Buddy Guys Legends. 9PM.

J.W. Williams, Carl Weathersby @ The Kingston Mines.

Digitalism, Data Romance @ Metro. 8PM, $18.00.

DJ Shitty Wizard @ Double Door. 10PM, $5.00.

The Mike Wheeler Blues Band @ B.L.U.E.S.

Austra, Young Galaxy @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $12.00.

Oolee, King Mary @ Elbo Room. 8PM, $7.00.

Extraordinry Popular Delusions @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, Free Show.

Punk Rock Monday with DJ Christian @ Delilahs.

Booty Movement Coalition @ Martyrs. 8PM, $8.00.


The Barehand Jugband @ The Hideout. 9PM, $5.00.

David Cook @ House of Blues. 7PM, $25.00 adv., $28.00 door.

Deas Vail, Sick of Sarah @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, $15.00

Chevelle @ Subterranean. 8PM, Free Show.

Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra @ Schubas. 8PM, $8.00

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Lincoln Hall. 9PM, $20.00.

Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys @ Buddy Guys Legends. 9PM, $10.00.

Carrefour Collabrotive Fundraiser for Haiti @ Cole’s. 8PM, Free Show.

Mike Wheeler, Eric “Guitar” Davis @ Kingston Mines.

Swift Technique, Don Gibson @ Double Door. 8PM, $5.00.

Tiny Fireflies, Deadbeat Beat @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $8.00.

Sexfist @ Abbey Pub. 9PM, $5.00.

Robbie Bever, Birds of a Feather @ Elbo Room. 8PM, $7.00.

Rock DJ Ivana Riot @ Delilahs.


Jed Bishop Trio @ The Hideout. 7PM, $10.00.

Lydia Loveless @ Schubas. 9PM, $10.00.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Lincoln Hall. 9PM, $20.00.

Kenny Neal @ Buddy Guys Legends.

Big Ray @ B.L.U.E.S.

Hank 3 @ House of Blues. 7:30PM, $21.50.

Jeff Massey, Righteous Hillbillies @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, $8.00.

Ben Ripani Music Co. @ Subterranean. 8PM, $8.00.

Sam Goode, Carl Weathersby @ Kingston Mines.

Eleven Dollar Life, Brown Bag Special @ Double Door. 8:30PM, $5.00.

Bad Bad Meow, Pinto & The Bean @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $8.00.

Kyle Hurd, Cory Hill, Lyrical Versatile @ Elbo Room. 7:30PM, $7.00.

Psychobilly DJ Machetti @ Delilahs.

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Fresh Hops @ Martyrs. 8PM, $8.00.


The Gorilla Press @ Schubas. 8PM, $8.00.

The Steepwater Band, Blane Fonda @ Lincoln Hall. 10PM, $10.00 adv., $12.oo door.

The Chicago R&B Kings @ Buddy Guys Legends. 9PM, $10.00.

Frisky Grannies DJ @ Coles. 10PM, Free Show.

Joanna Connor @ Kingston Mines.

The Sanctified Grumblers @ Quenchers. 9PM, $5.00.

G.B. Leighton, Tony S. @ Double Door. 8PM, $10.00.

Dax Riggs, Bully In The Hallway @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $12.00.

Street Dogs, Off With Their Heads @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 6PM, $16.00.

Audiobon @ Abbey Pub. 9PM, Free Show.

Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys, Unquiet Eddy @ Elbo Room. 8PM, $8.00.

White Wives, Koji @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, $10.00.

Mutts, Sleep Kitty, Glittermouse @ Subterranean. 8PM, $7.00.

New Wave DJ Vinyl Richie @ Delilahs.

The Possum Hollow Boys @ Martyrs. Free with Toy (Toys for Tots Collecting Donations).


White Mystery, Rabble Rabble @ The Hideout. 10PM, $10.00.

Peter Mulvey @ Schubas. 7:30PM, $15.00.

S. Carey, The Hudson Branch @ Schubas. 10PM, $12.00.

AM Taxi, The Sweeps @ Lincoln Hall. 10PM, $13.00 adv., $15.00 door.

Lurrie Bell, The Special 20s, Eddie Taylor Jr. @ Buddy Guy’s Legends. 5:30PM, $20.00.

Those Howlings @ Cole’s. 10PM, Free Show.

Carl Weathersby, Joanna Connor @ The Kingston Mines.

Hip Hop Showcase @ Quenchers. 9PM, $5.00.

Giant Shadows @ Abbey Pub. 8PM, $8.00 adv., $10.00 door.

Kyuss Lives @ The Vic. 7PM, $31.50.

Poi Dog Pondering- The Austin Years @ Metro. 8PM, $25.00.

Moon Furies, Perfect Kiss @ Double Door. 8PM, $6.00 adv., $10.00 door.

The Hoyle Brothers @ Empty Bottle. 5:30PM, Free Show.

Crystal Stilts, Soft Speaker @ Empty Bottle. 10PM, $12.00.

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot @ House of Blues. 7:30PM, $42.50.

Ganglians @ Beat Kitchen. 9PM, $10.00

Kentucky Knife Fight, Will Phalen @ Subterranean. 8PM, $10.00.

The Brown James, Bambi Raptor @ Elbo Room. 8PM, $9.00.

The Last Dark Show, Tomorrow The Moon @ Martyrs. 9PM, $8.00.


Mannequin Men, Vee Dee @ The Hideout. 9PM, $10.00.

Chances Dances @ The Hideout. 11:30PM, $5.00.

Jaill, Heavy Times @ Schubas. 10PM, $10.00.

Russian Circles, Young Widows @ Lincoln Hall. 10PM, $13.00 adv., $15.00 door.

Aron Harris and the Mood @ Cole’s. 10PM, Free Show.

Carl Weathersby, Joanna Connors @ Kingston Mines.

Electric Hawk, Self Evident @ Quenchers. 9PM, $5.00.

Poi Dog Pondering-Chicago Years @ Metro. 8PM, $25.00.

Deadbeat Darling, Daysleeper @ Double Door. 7PM, $10.00.

Eleventh Day Dream, Coffin Pricks @ Empty Bottle. 10PM, $8.00.

A Tribute to Willy Torres @ Old Town School of Folk Music. 8PM

My So Called Band (90s Tribute) @ Abbey Pub. 9PM, $10.00.

Second Season, Liquid Hot Magma, Prom Band @ Elbo Room. 8PM, $10.00.

Popa Chubby @ House of Blues. 10PM, $14.00 adv., $16.00 door.

The Life and Times @ Beat Kitchen. 8:30PM, $12.00.

Jerry Lee Lewis @ The Congress Theater. 6:30PM, $30.00-$95.00.

Savvy, Genome @ Subterranean. 8:30PM, $8.00.

Bonerama, The Jesters @ Martyrs. 9:30PM, $15.00.


Conor Redig Memorial @ The Hideout. 3PM, $10.00.

Half Baked Goods @ Schubas. 12PM, Free Show.

B1g T1me covers Tom Waits Swordfish Trombones @ Lincoln Hall. 8PM, $10.00.

Saviours, Ramming Speed @ Double Door. 8:30PM, $15.oo.

Klang @ Old Town School of Folk Music. 4PM, $5.00.

IPHONIC@ Reggie’s Rock Club. 6PM, $10.00 adv., $12.00 door.

Traditional Irish Session with Larry Nugent @ Abbey Pub. 4PM, Free Show.

AMENT @ Elbo Room.

Norman Toronto and His Band, Animals in Human Attire @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, $10.00.

Uproar of Ink, St. Bagu @ Subterranean. 7:30PM, $8.00.

R&B DJ Pete @ Delilahs.

Venues: Lincoln Hall, Schubas, Beat Kitchen, The Vic, The Aragon Ballroom, The Riv, Park West, Metro, Empty Bottle, Reggie’s Rock Club, The Abbey Pub, Subterranean, Double Door, Cole’s, Quenchers, The Whistler, Congress Theater, Elbo Room, The Hideout.







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