The Broken Record Chicago: volume six

With a frigid new year beginning it’s about damn time we rejuvenate this column. In typeset forthcoming, we guide you through the week in live music. Details about bands are linked and venues shown at columns’ end. Listings in bold are the shows we’ll be out to, all others are of equal allure as well. Winter months focus on local acts touting their skill without those pesky, big-name, acts stealing their thunder. Appreciate and support them.


Big Paraid, Verona Red, Tanks and Guns @ Schubas. 9PM, $10.00

Bastardgeist, Dan Mohr, Younger @ The Hideout. 9PM, $7.00.

Hot Stove Jimmy, Greenhouse, The Eclectics @ Metro. 8PM, $15. Ages 18+

The Hoyle Brothers @ The Empty Bottle. 5:30PM, Free.

DonChristian & Rahel, KIT @ The Empty Bottle. 9PM, $8.00.

Solution Unsatisfactory, 30 Second Theater @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 9PM, free.

Judas Beast, Fierce Atmospheres, Pipe @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 8:30PM, $10. Ages 17+

Sexy Ester, RedLYON @ Abbey Pub. 7:30 PM, $7.00.

Brandon Cunningham @ Subterranean. 8:30PM, $10.00.

The Adler Kings, The Buckshot Hounds @ Double Door. 7:30PM, $8.00.

The Welcome, Soul Low @ Cole’s. 10PM.

Disco Illusion-Rare Groove DJ Set @ The Whistler. 9:30PM, Free.

Foolish, The Wild Torching Spree @ Elbo Room. 8:30PM, $10.00.

DJ Red Rose @ Elbo Room. Midnight, Free.

Kim Ann Foxman, Adam Rowe @ Smartbar. 10PM, $12.00 before midnight, $15.00 after. With Facebook RSVP-$7.00 before midnight.


The Ross Originals, The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club, Lauren Wolf Band @ Lincoln Hall. 10:30 PM, $10.00

Shiloh, Innkeepers, Mooner @ Schubas. 9PM, $8.00.

Jonas Friddle&The Majority, Mr. Mayor and the Highballers @The Hideout. 8PM, $10.00.

Nathan Scott @ The Mid. 10PM, $10.00.

Pity Sex @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, $12.00. Ages 17+

Wizard Castle, Get Off The Cross @ The Empty Bottle. 9PM, $5.00.

Dead Zeppelin, Mr. Blotto, Blue Dream @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 7PM, $15. Ages 17+

Brian Doroba, Mississippi Gabe Carter @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 8:30 PM, $7.00.

The Steel Chops, Northside Ruckus @ Abbey Pub. 10:00PM, $7.00.

Draft Week, Champions @ Subterranean. 8:30PM, $12.00.

The Truss, Moon Rivir, Phil Jacobson @ Double Door. 8:00PM, $10.00.

Sexy Fights @ Cole’s. 10PM

Heavyweight Soul DJ Set f. Mr. Jaytoo @ The Whistler. 10PM, Free.

Broken Luxury, Tanqueray Mist @ Elbo Room. 8:30PM, $10.00.

DJ Flashwave @ Elbo Room. Midnight, Free.

Museum of Love, Jerome Deradji @ Smartbar. 10PM, $12.00 before midnight, $15.00 after. Facebook RSVP-$7.00 before midnight.


Kingmaker@ Beat Kitchen. 7PM, $10.00. Ages 17 +

Boy Alberto @ Gman Tavern. 9PM, Free.

Hausu Mountain Fest f.Bitchin’ Bajas, Mind Over Mirrors @ The Empty Bottle. 5:30 PM, $10.00.

Ron Hayes Game Changers @ Reggies Rock Club. 9PM, $7.00.

Traditional Irish Session f. Larry Nugent @ Abbey Pub. 6PM, Free.

Kelroy, The Spicy Draculas, Bora Bora @ Subterranean. 7:30PM, $8.00.

Birches, Emblems, See Through Dresses @ Quenchers. 7PM, $5.00.

Goran Ivanovic @ The Whistler. 9:30PM, Free.

80 Proof Preacher @ Elbo Room. 8:30PM, $8.00.

Derrick Carter, Michael Serafini, Garrett David @ Smartbar. 10 PM. $7.00, Free before midnight.

Mz. Peaches @ Buddy Guy’s Legends. 9:30PM, $10.00


Mer’s Music Showcase f. A Friend Called Fire, Noah Gabriel @ Schubas. 7PM, $8.00.

Robbie Fulks, Pussycat Trio @ The Hideout. 7PM, $10.00.

Chandeliers, Videotape @ The Empty Bottle. 9PM, Free.

Reggae Monday @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 9PM, $10.00.

Blue Water Kings @ Abbey Pub. 8PM.

Brother John hosts and open jazz jam @ Buddy Guy’s Legends. 9:30 PM, $10.00.


The New Diet, Sewingneedle, MEAH! @Schubas. 8PM, $7.00

Davy Knowles @ The Hideout. 8PM, $5.00.

Charlatan @ The Empty Bottle. 8:30PM, $5.00 or free with donation of gloves to warm a pair of hands this winter.

Mr. Blotto @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 7:30 PM, $5.00.

Darmata, BrazenBull, The Fullerton Transfer @ Subterranean. 8PM. $8.00.

Precise, The Servivalists @ Quenchers. 9PM, $5.00.

Relax Attack Jazz Series f. Rob Mazurek @ The Whistler. 9:30PM, Free.

Sonic Soul Band @ Buddy Guy’s Legends. 9:30PM, $10.00.


The Westies, The Shams Band @ Schubas. 8PM, $15.00.

TODAYSHITS, Axis:Sova @ The Empty Bottle. 9PM, $7.00.

Terrapin Flyer @ Abbey Pub. 9:30PM, $7.00.

Gross Pointe @ Subterranean. 8:00PM, $8.00.

DJ Adam El, Lucy Stoole @ Double Door. 9PM, Free.

House of Normandie, Forget the Times @ Quenchers. 8PM, $5.00.

Artists to Watch @ Elbo Room. 8:30 PM, Free.

Greg Haus @ Smartbar. 10PM, Free.


Bric-A-Brac, Coltrane Motion, Small Awesome @ Schubas. 8PM, $7.00.

Old Lazarus’ Harp Folk Collective f. Spitzer Space Telescope, Becky Levi @ The Hideout. 8PM, $7.00.

Carter Tutti plays Chris & Cosey @ Metro. 9PM, $21. Ages 18+

Sidewalk Chalk, Midwest Hype @ The Empty Bottle. 9PM, $5.00.

Fight With Monsters, Griswald @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 8PM, $5.00.

The Grooks @ Subterranean. 7:30PM, $8.00.

Porno Mags, Cougar Island, Soundproof Dresses @ Quenchers. 8PM, $5.00.

Henry Fong, Gus Karas, DJ Gordo @ The Mid. 10PM, $10.00.

Badklatt, Subnoxious @ Smartbar. 10PM, $10.00 before midnight, $12.00 after. Facebook RSVP-$7.00 before midnight.

Dave Hiltebrand @ Elbo Room Lounge. 9PM, $5.00.

DJ Papa G @ SubT Lounge. 10PM, Ladies Free, Gentlemen $5.00.

Willie Waldman, Shapes and Colors @ Abbey Pub. 7:30PM, $8.00.

Buddy Guy @ Buddy Guy’s Legends. 10:30 PM, $55.00. 


Venues: Lincoln Hall, Schubas, Beat Kitchen, The Vic, The Aragon Ballroom, The Riv, Park West, Metro, Empty Bottle, Reggie’s Rock Club, The Abbey Pub, Subterranean, Double Door, Cole’s, Quenchers, The Whistler, Elbo Room, The Hideout. The Mid, Smartbar, Buddy Guy’s Legends.