The Broken Record Chicago: volume two

And so a week has passed, time marches on. A list of music is strewn about at your fingertips. Please indulge in the ease of keeping boredom at bay, partake in the music as it’s currently all around you. Bands will be linked in advance so that you may preview their style, venue links are listed at the bottom of the page and the double asterisk denotes a confirmed all ages show. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting, in bold type, the shows I’d enjoy seeing from each days list.


Rose’s Pawn Shop, Yarn @ Martyrs. 8PM,

Emperor X, Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard @ Double Door. 8:30PM, $10.00

Wu Lyf, Crystal Antlers @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $12.00.

Deer Tick, Guards, Paleo @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 7PM,

CSTVT, Grown Ups, Coping, Dowsing @ Subterranean. 8PM

Keep Shelly In Athens, Body Language, Yourfeetstoobig@ Lincoln Hall. 8PM, $15.00 (two for one tickets).

Lykke Li, First Aid Kit @ The Vic. 7:30 PM.

Mother Mother, Shills @ Schubas. 8PM, $8.00.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions @ Beat Kitchen. 9PM, FreeShow.

Frankie Gavin & De Dannan, Larry Nugent @ The Abbey Pub. 8PM.

Bullet Hell, Axis:Sova @ The Whistler. 9PM, Free Show.


DJ Kmart@ Cole’s. 10PM, Free Show.

Relax Attack Jazz Series@ The Whistler featuring Anton Hatwich Trio. 10PM.

M13 Big Band Jazz@ Quenchers. 9PM

Blindmute Band @ Elbo Room. 8PM, $7.00.

Cool Devices, Pearls, We Repel Eachother @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $8.00.

Indian Jewelry, Prince Kama @ Subterranean. 8PM, $8.00.

The Features, Volcanoes Make Islands @ Schubas. 7PM, $12.00. **

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Loom @ Beat Kitchen. 7:30PM, $10.00.


Sidewalk Chalk, The Primeridian @ Subterranean. 8PM, $8.00.

I Lost Control @ Double Door. 8PM, Free Show.

The Barr Brothers @ Schubas. 9PM, $12.00.

Androgynous Mustache as The 13th Floor Elevators@ The Whistler. 10PM.

Ruined America, The Soul Citizens, Brave Ulysses @ Reggie’s Rock Club. 7PM.


DJ Drase, DJ Kumar McMillan spin Garage Rock @ Cole’s. 10PM, Free Show.

Slo ‘Mo: Slow Jams for Homos (and their fans) @ The Whistler. 9:30 PM.

Kid Sid, Minus Ned @ Elbo Room. 9PM, $8.00.

Covers for Cover Benefit @ Schubas. All female cover bands in support of  homeless women of Chicago.

Detholz! , Amy Saraiya @ Empty Bottle. 9:30PM, $8.00.

Dean Welch & The Rythym Method @ Subterannean. 8PM, $8.00.

Soul Summit DJs @ Double Door. 9PM, Free Show.


Katie Herzig, Butterfly Boucher @ Schubas. 9PM, $12.00.

Joseph Arthur @ Lincoln Hall. 9PM, $15.00 adv., $18.00 door.

The Twilight & The Sound, The Alaya Conscious @ Beat Kitchen. 8:30PM, $10.00.

Plaid, Collages, The North @ Empty Bottle. 10PM, $12.00.

Sissy Mena, Record Low @ Subterranean. 8:30PM, $10.00.

Ra Ra Riot @ Metro. 9PM, $18.00.

Backyard Tire Fire @ Double Door. 8PM, $15.00.

Bill Mackay @ The Whistler. 6PM.


The Conformists, Spelling Bee, The Columbines @ Quenchers. 9PM.

Elecrtic Vinyl @The Whistler featuring DJs Randy Nieto and Ed Menacho. 9PM.

Kelroy @ Cole’s. 10PM.

Jeremy Messersmith @ Schubas. 10PM, $10.00.

Hey Rosetta!, The Jezabels @ Lincoln Hall. 10PM, $12.00.

Soft Speaker, Secret Colours @ Beat Kitchen. 8PM, $8.00.

Alejandra Guzman @ Aragon Ballroom. 7PM, $37.00.

Windy City Soul Club @ Empty Bottle. 9PM, $5.00.

Todd Hembrook and the Hemispheres @ Subterranean. 9PM, $10.00.

Girl In A Coma @ Double Door. 8PM, $10.00 adv., $12.00 door.


Farwell, Satellites @ Subterranean.

The Paver, Cruciforms @ Beat Kitchen. 7:30PM, $8.00.

Birdy @ Schubas. Noon, Free Show. **

Sweater Kittens Variety Show @ Coles. 8PM, Free Show.

Venues: Lincoln Hall, Schubas, Beat Kitchen, The Vic, The Aragon Ballroom, The Riv, Park West, Metro, Empty Bottle, Reggie’s Rock Club, The Abbey Pub, Subterranean, Double Door, Cole’s, Quenchers, The Whistler, Congress Theater, Elbo Room.

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