About OnTour

On Tour: Borders be damned

The concept behind this site was simple; I sought to deliver music of the outstanding variety. I wanted to introduce readers to bands cross continents that were on the brink of something extremely noteworthy. I didn’t want to cover artists that had over-graced the pages of Rolling Stone or the local weekly for that matter. The bands were going to be fresh and talented…the site sprinkled with stories of barkeeps, promoters, groupies, roadies and the object at the center of it all: truly stellar music. Perhaps the groups would be label-less up and comers or locally established heroes. In either case, this project is what I’ve been yearning for my whole life, music that strays from the pigeon-holing that record execs dole about to score a few bucks.

Years later and many overhauls on a dream…I found my self interviewing my idols. Smaller musicians were ever on my radar but I admit to selling out at times (see our Street Cred section).

An international move will make a woman think. And, well, the bands in Buenos Aires are about as incredible as they come. I’ve found a true muse in this town and as sporadically as I publish, rest assured I’m going back to my roots. This passion project is funded, in full, by my very shallow pocketbook. No adverts or partners in crime. Just the amazing music industry folks who’ve granted me access to their stable of talent. I’ll work ten jobs just to keep throwing out an article or two on this platform. And any readership I keep, I appreciate in full.

On tour we remain.

Current Region: Buenos Aires, Argentina (An Edition Abroad)

If you are a band/venue/odd character from round these parts and feel worthy of a feature please send correspondence in message form, here holly@ontourmag.com. Please send press materials and a sample of your sound along with the initial inquiry.

I hope you’ll enjoy this foray into great tune. There is a vast world of independent music out there, I’ll do my best to keep you in the know.

-Holly Jones, editor, OnTour Magazine: for voyeurs and narcissists alike.